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YELLOcaptcha   YELLOcaptcha is an image based type of captcha solution. It presents the users with a set of images. The users are asked to pick only these objects in the pictures that were requested by the application. Our survey based on the sample of 40 users showed that the time spent on selecting the proper images is 40% shorter than the standard distorted text rewriting solutions. And more importantly, the users enjoy playing with images more than decoding hard to understand “graphical words”. The making of YELLOcaptcha While developing several big internet portals at GOYELLO we were faced with the issue of automated robots trying to abuse the registration forms for spamming purposes, a common known issue. In order to prevent creating fake accounts and comments we mainly used text-based CAPTCHAs, which in the long run proved to be a time-consuming nuisance for the users. The graphics generated by this solution were too difficult for the average user to read. That is why we came up with a completely innovative solution which would be more user-friendly but, at the same time, hard enough to be overcome by spam robots: YELLOcaptcha. Roadmap We do not consider YELLOcaptcha to be a finished solution. A lot of additional research and development is still needed. Anyway, we decided to share this solution to improve it in the near future. First of all, we want to realize a solution that will suit disabled (especially blind) people as well. Secondly, we will make it available as a generic PHP solution, currently it is only provided as a symfony plugin.